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Manicure & Pedicure

Rigorous Sterilization & Sanitizing Procedures

All metal implements are sealed in envelopes and sterilized in a steam autoclave similar to those used in dental offices. Your Holland Salon & Spa attendants use a fresh bag of implements, opened exclusively for you. After each customer treatment, we perform the following cleaning and disinfecting procedure.

Product Line

Our family of salons carries a varying range of beauty products from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Learn more about the product lines. We feature at our locating. We have done our homework and researched the right product mix for each of our individual salons.

*Creative * OPI * Cuccio
* Dermalogica * Chi * Aquage
* Bedhead * Redken
* Wella (Kolleston Perfect)
* Erayba * Sebastian
* Satin Smooth